Together Alone

Our production from the season 2022-2023, an original play by our members, performed in GIGANT Apeldoorn on 3 & 4 June 2023 together with our cast and crew

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About Together Alone


Have you ever felt completely alone while you were with others?

Or connected to someone despite the distance between you two?

What connects humans to each other or drives them apart?

Together Alone is a contemporary play that explores these fundamental questions with a musically charged script and a political twist. It takes you on a journey where you are invited not only to observe the -sometimes abstract- depictions on stage, but also look within yourself, and question the conscious or unconscious choices you make every day. This play, like any other play, can only be a mirror that’s held for you though. You can decide what to do with it.

Because the choice is yours…

Many Thanks to Our Partners

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Our Team


Written and directed by English Theater Apeldoorn’s very own Tulya Kavaklioglu and co-written by Jean Paul Beumer, Together Alone was created based on improvisations with the whole team. We talked about and acted situations with diversity, identity, and (mis)communication themes. These were sometimes based on our own experiences, making this play quite “real”.

The Cast   The Crew
Jasmijn Leunissen as A Written, directed & produced by Tulya Kavaklioglu
Megan Julia Roeloffzen as B
Jean Paul Beumer as C Co-written by Jean Paul Beumer
Cast Member as D Costumes by Svitlana Otaniyazova
Maartje Schoevaars as E Hair by Crew Member
Myra Qiu as F Makeup by Tulya Kavaklioglu
Hanna Wolska as X Stage design by Maartje Schoevaars, Jasmijn Leunissen, Hanna Wolska, Mirco Vantangoli
Svitlana Otaniyazova as Y
Mirco Vantangoli as Z & O
Marketing by Tulya Kavaklioglu, Myra Qiu, Jean Paul Beumer, Svitlana Otaniyazova

Also thanks to Renato Vieira Guilarducci for his initial contribution to the script and his voice acting, and Coco Clements for her feedback on the script. Our eternal gratitude goes to:

  • Mario Meijer for sound and lights
  • Saeideh Atashpa for makeup
  • Thomas Boelaars for photography

for volunteering their expertise to help elevate the quality of our efforts, as well as dear friends and family of the English Theater Apeldoorn team, including Azra Gurel for her contributions on ticketing and technique, who were generous with their support.