English Theater Apeldoorn is going to perform Project Lipsync: Blondie vs. Queen on two dates in GIGANT Apeldoorn. For our premiere on 7 July in Theaterzaal, we are looking for a photographer. Below, you can find some information about us and what we look for in a photographer. Are you interested in? Please drop us a message!

About us

We are the international amateur theater community of Apeldoorn with 11 members from 7 different countries. We have varying levels of experience in theater but we all share the same level of passion. We are fun, we are serious, we are chaotic, we are organized, we are wise, we are stupid. We are part of GIGANT’s Cursushuis but we are not a course, we learn by experimenting together.

Time and place

7 July Sunday, approximately 14:00 – 18:00

GIGANT Theaterzaal

We will be in the hall already in the morning, setting up decor and lights. The doors open at 15:00 and we start at 15:30. If you are a bit early, you can have time to settle and take some photos while we are goofing around too. If you like, you can learn more about the performance here.

The photographer we look for

  • We welcome applications from professionals and hobby photographers alike. If you can demonstrate your skills with a relevant portfolio, that’s the most important part for us!
  • Stage and performance photography has its challenges, with really intense lights or your models moving around a lot. Do you have a lot of experience with this kind of setup? You are what we need!
  • You can capture stage wide actions as well as individual characters in different photos. You can find examples from our last production (which was in a smaller theater hall) on this page.
  • Preferably, you are based in Apeldoorn.
  • You have a positive mindset and you enjoy working with a diverse group of people.

What do we offer?

Based on your previous experience and training, we believe we can agree on a fair compensation together. Some points we have in mind are as below but some may only apply if you are a professional and some others if you are not. We can simply talk and agree.

  • Ideally, you give us a fixed rate for a whole set of photos: An approximate number for how many photos to expect and when would be appreciated, including editing. It is also nice to know in advance in which formats and sizes you can provide these.
  • You can include a small watermark on photos.
  • If gaining more experience and building your portfolio is important for you, we can show you some extra appreciation on our website and social media.
  • We are happy to throw in some free tickets in your package for the tryout on 30 June or for your friends on 7 July.
  • Another benefit you are looking for? Feel free to ask!

Contact us!

Send us an email at hello@englishtheaterapeldoorn.com introducing yourself, demonstrating your relevant experience with a portfolio (if applicable), and letting us know what you expect and can deliver! If you don’t hear from us immediately, it means we are considering your application and you will definitely hear from us as soon as possible.