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At the beginning of each season, we welcome new members to the team! Get in touch with us and join the fun of producing theater plays.

This is how the new theater season looks like. We kickoff with an acting workshop, which is particularly useful for new folks who want to join the team. We also have an Open Rehearsal with a mini audience, as well as our performances at the end of the season. Check out our events page to stay up to date about the details.

2023 planning


Our rehearsals take place each Tuesday between 19:30 and 21:30 at GIGANT Apeldoorn. We usually have 2 weekend rehearsals as well, and we select the dates for these together.


Our workshops (in September / October) are the first steps to join the team. Check out our events page to see if there is a workshop coming up.

workshop time
together alone performance 2023

End Performances

Each theater season ends with a great performance. Would you like to become an actor in English Theater Apeldoorn or join one of the creative backstage departments (for example to build decor or make costumes)? Sign up to the mailing list via the form on this page.

What is English Theater Apeldoorn?

English Theater Apeldoorn (ETA) is a community, a collective, an amateur group. It is a bunch of people that come together, to create together, mainly because they enjoy it. Although they each play distinct roles for the duration of a project; such as writer, director, producer, actor, costume designer, stage designer, marketer etc, they only function well as a team and they constantly help each other out. So, commitment and cooperation are keywords.

What is the outcome of a project?

Taking part in a production, learning various skills that come with it, and going on stage (or behind the stage) at the end public performance. This is often two evenings around June but there may be other performances planned too. Other outcomes: Possibly some local fame, definitely life long memories and friendships 🙂

Do I need to pay?

There is a small (€120 per year.) membership fee. Members pay the same amount no matter their role in a production, and every cent goes into producing the play. Some typical costs are rehearsal space and stage rent, costumes, décor, makeup and marketing. If you have a special condition that restricts your finances (for example having a refugee status), you may be exempt from this fee.

Who is it meant for?

Anyone who wishes to connect with people from all walks of life (age, gender identity, occupation, language…) and all kinds of cultural backgrounds through the production of theater plays. Everything is in English, so it is perfect both for internationals and local Dutchies who have a flair for the multicultural. No experience in theater is needed! You just need to be open to new experiences and be brave enough to give it a go 😉 You can become a first time writer, director, or actor in ETA. It does help if you understand that the team needs to be committed to each other and to the project to succeed together.

How does it work?

Typically, some of the existing members already assemble into a production team and write or select a script in the summer months. New season begins in September and that’s when the new people can also join. Everyone is welcome, there is no selection criteria. Depending on their interests, availability, and skills, people can take roles on stage, off stage, or a combination. The producer facilitates getting together the backstage departments and the director is responsible from the casting. We rehearse one evening per week. As we move further into the season, we give shape to designs and characters, getting ready for our great finale!

You should also read our regulations, if you want to become a team member.

wow effect theater nijmegen logo

English Theater Apeldoorn is built on the foundations of WOW-EFFECT Theater

All of the above is very similar to how English Theater Apeldoorn’s Nijmegen counterpart functions. WOW-EFFECT (WE) is a community active since 2014.

So, make sure to take a look at their website for a better glimpse!

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